A Month To Remember

To say it’s been a busy month would be a huge understatement. But it hasn’t just been busy . . . it’s been AMAZING. In the last 3 weeks alone, we’ve welcomed a missionary home from Vegas, got through surgery with another son, packed and sent two kids to Orem for school at UVU, started our senior daughter at Syracuse High School which is double the size of her old school, and for the big finish, HAD TWO NEW GRANDBABIES IN JUST ONE WEEK! Woo Hoo!! It doesn’t get much better than that. I’ll post pictures in a sec, but I just wanted to explain why I haven’t written in a while. Now that things are finally settling down, I’m ready to start blogging again on a regular basis. (In fact, I’ll probably have a new post up in the next few days.) But this morning, I just had to take a second to express my overwhelming love for the Lord for all He’s done to get us through the last few weeks. There truly have been more miracles than I can count. And when I say miracles, I’m not exaggerating. Several huge roadblocks we had were totally removed just like the parting of the Red Sea. HE IS SO GOOD! So faithful to those who put their trust in Him. I really couldn’t get through a single day without Him. So this morning I just want to breathe it in and let my heart sing out His praises. Life is so much richer when He is in the middle of it all. <3

Welcome home Elder Wightman!

These two brothers hadn’t seen each other for 4 years because of overlapping missions. It was a pretty cool reunion.

First time all 7 have been together in almost 5 years!

And of course, this is what happens. 🙂

First day of high school for Lexi and college for Kalli. At 13 months apart, it’ll be an adjustment for these two to get used to living without each other.

Breck and Katelyn with our sweet little Miles Coy.

And Shay and Isaac welcomed adorable Henry Robert exactly one week later.

Life is crazy, but so full and beautiful. I love these people more than I can ever express.




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