Emotional Eating

I’m really excited about my latest project, because I don’t think there’s anything out there quite like it. (I would have given anything to have a resource like this in my own battle with emotional eating.) I’ve created an online course for those (like me) who’ve at times turned to sugar for emotional comfort and support. I know reaching for chocolate is a really common coping mechanism in our world today, and we may believe it’s a normal, healthy way to deal with our sadness or stress. But the truth is that the Lord can comfort our soul a thousand times better than the sugar. In this series, I’ll teach you exactly how He can do it. The course is called:

Chocolate Can’t Fill Your Soul Hunger: Learning to Let the Lord Meet the Deep Emotional Needs of Your Heart


Here’s the intro video I posted on social media:

To see previews of the video lessons, hear testimonials from others, or get more info about this series, click here:
 Online Course