A Beautiful Quote from a Favorite Author

Take a minute to soak in these refreshing words from Christian author Francis J. Roberts (who writes as if Christ is speaking in first person):

“O my children, what do you need today? Is it comfort? Is it courage? Is it healing? Is it guidance? Behold, I assure you, whatever it is you need, if you will look to Me, I will supply.

“I will be to you what the sun is to the flower; what the water of the ocean is to the fish; and what the sky is to the birds. I will give you life, light, and strength. I will surround you and preserve you, so that in Me you may live, move, and have your being, existing in Me when apart from Me you would die. I will be to you as the wide-open skies, in that I will liberate your spirit in such fashion that you will not be earthbound.

“You will live in a realm where the things of earth will not be able to impede and obstruct and limit your movement; but you will be freed in Me to a place where your spirit may soar as the eagle, and you may make your nest in a place of safety and solitude, unmolested and undefiled by the sordidness of the world….

“Be done with petty things. Be done with small dreams. Give Me all that you have and are; and I will share with you abundantly all that I have and all that I am.

“Be to Me a reservoir where I can store up My reserve of strength and power and blessing, and so make it readily available to the thirsty….Take from Me largely, that you will never be holding an empty cup when the thirsty ask you for a drink, and never be lacking when the sick ask for bread….Receive My love freely. Drink of My Spirit–yes, drink deeply, so that it will be truly waters to swim in (see Ezek. 47:5). And move out by faith to the realms of the manifestations of My power, yes, mount up on the wings of My power.”

~From Come Away My Beloved, p. 60. (If you love the way Francis writes, another similar book that’s absolutely WONDERFUL is Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. I even have an app on my phone for that one. Both books are incredibly inspiring when my heart needs to be lifted and renewed.)  🙂

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